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Persian Hash Brown ( Kuku sibzamini )

Persian Hash Brown ( Kuku sibzamini ) I know hash brown is part of the US cuisine and it’s considered a breakfast food and it is almost in all brunch menu, but in Iran we serve it for a light dinner or breakfast with bread and fresh herbs. I admit the Persian style hash brown is one of the best and it’s because of ingredients. It’s a simple potato dish in which potato is grated and mixed with spices and […]

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Brussel sprouts on the Stalk

Brussel sprouts on the Stalk I’m not in love with Brussel Sprout want but last time when I was shopping in Publix, this beautiful little buds on stalk grabbed my eyes which I’ve never seen them in Canada. Now I share with you how You can cook it in deferent way. Brussel Sprouts usually come in stores as individuals buds, or on stalk, but it also has some big leaves on the top of each stem that looks like collard. […]

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