Grilled food is typically cooked directly on a rack or grill or oven. A grill cooks with high-temperature dry heat and it's a best way to cook meat, poultry , fish, vegetables and fruits fast and healthy since you don't necessary need to add high amount of oil. Grilling is one of the best way to make diet foods.


Khoresh is an Iranian form of stew, which is usually served with a plate of white rice. A stew typically consists of herbs, fruits, and meat pieces, or all of them flavored with deferent pastes, acids like lime, spices.


Salad is a combination of cooked food, vegetables, herbs, nuts, cheese, ... served with dressing. Here I will show you how to be creative to mix varies ingredients such as green leaves, vegetables, fruits and so on and flavor it with your homemade dressing.


Dessert is a course that usually serves after entree and it can be a sweet food, beverage or fruits. I typically follow low fat, carb and sugar diet so you don't expect much dessert recipe here but I try to bring some of my favorite and also alter the ingredients with diet options, such as, honey instead of sugar, coconut oil or canola oil instead of butte.


To make rice the Persian way, it’s required that you pick the right rice which is long-grain rice, such as basmati. My way to find the best rice is the color of the grains. The best fluffy rice you can reach with the grains that are cream color not true white. There are two styles of cooking rice, Chelo and Kateh. Chelo is the traditional two-step preparation — parboiled the rice and drain, add the rice back to the pot with following steps. It is as easy as making pasta, all you need to know when the grains are ready to drain, the same as


Soup is typically liquid food, served warm or cold. It is made by broth or meat, vegetables, fruits and herbs. You can make a soup with solid ingredients or even puree it with blender, make it thick or watery. I personally like creamy soup. The traditional Persian soups ( called Aash ) are not puree but very tasty and delicious.

Vegetarian Ideas

Vegetarian food is based on no meat ingredients, but consist of dairy and animal products or not. I am not vegetarian but I make many vegetarian food which is not that strictest.


Diet food refers to any meal that reduce the amount of fat, carbohydrate, sugar to make for weight loss. This type of food is my favorite and unlike people says " Diet food tastes bad ", I believe a meal can be diet and very tasty. You will see many of my recipes here that I assure you they taste yummy. I promise, I don't share any food that I don't like or doesn't taste good.