Persian Saffron and chicken rice cake ( Tahchin )

Persian Saffron and chicken rice cake ( Tahchin )

Tahchin is a very delicious Persian rice cake full of flavors. The word by word meaning is tah means bottom and chin means arrange. This rice is combination of chicken and rice in layers. The traditional style made with cooked shredded chicken and several layers of that and flavored rice but in this recipe I’ll tell you how to make thin layer of this rice with Chrissy bottom.

It’s not usually as fluffy as the other Persian rice and it’s more sticky. My husband doesn’t like sticky rice so by practicing deferent recipe I cane up with this one which is not that sticky.

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Cook time: 40 minutes

Total time: 1 hour and 10 minutes

Servings: 5 people

Course: Entree, rice


6 pieces boneless chicken thighs or breast

2 1/2 cup rice

2 egg yolk

2 tbsp butter

2 tbsp soaked saffron

1/3 cup Greek yogurt

1 big onion

2 garlic cloves

1/4 cup blueberries

Turmeric, salt and pepper to taste

How to make

  1. Wash the rice and cook it halfway and put it aside
  2. Put some oil, a tsp of saffron, chopped onion and garlic in a pan and fry the chicken along with onions. One side fried and one side half fried and put it aside.
  3. I’m a bowl mix half of cooked rice with two eggs yolk, yogurt, 1 tbsp soaked saffron and butter.
  4. In a 3 inches deep oven pan arrange all the chicken in a layer
  5. Put a layer of mixed rice on top of they
  6. Mix the rest of the rice with saffron and put on the top of that.
  7. Press it and knock the pan 2-3 time on the counter.
  8. Cover it with aluminum sheet and make some holes on that.
  9. Heat up the oven to 350f and cook the rice for about 30-40 minutes.
  10. The fun part is to flip the pan on a serving dish. You need to be quick 😉


  1. Make sure the rice is long grain basmati.
  2. You can make deferent type of Tahchin with chicken, beef, lamb or even vegetables.
  3. You can make it in muffin tin to have individual portions or if you like more sticky and ticker make with several layers in a baking loaf tin.
  4. Add fried barberries and sliced pistachio and almond for topping.

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    Get Talking Points in your inbox: An afternoon recap of the day’s most important business news, delivered weekdays. Sign Up Thank you for signing up! Sign up for more newsletters here

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    * How should the Port of Boston, which holds the port’s exclusive rights for marine shipping, address the challenges faced by the Port of Quincy, the nation’s oldest maritime port?

    * If all other ports are closing, will Quincy, with a population of 1.7 million, be an economic disaster for Massachusetts?

    * Could the Port of Boston’s “shipping season” be affected if shipping is disrupted?

    * How soon should we expect the Port of Boston’s financial situation to improve, based on recent record revenue and port savings from Port Management and Revenue Services?


    * Will the Port have a stable workforce, or will the state take the port public schools off the hook?

    * Will the Port of Massachusetts provide any funding to cover the Port Department’s debt obligations?

    Brian P. Brown can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @brianbrownGlobe. Daniel P. Heiman can b

  48. Germany a culture in crisis – and Germany is the country in which the crisis is most acute. This article provides an overview of Europe’s cultural crisis and proposes solutions.

    The Culture of Containment and the Culture of Disorder

    From the onset of the Cultural Revolution the Communist Party began to systematically and systematically destroy traditions and practices as important to the formation of cultural identity as religious or national values, and the arts in particular. This was done through a long-term drive to eliminate the traditional role of literature and the classical, classical and traditional art in society as well as to abolish the artistic forms that were vital to a culture and to its development. When the Cultural Revolution ended, the result of the Cultural Revolution had been the destruction of every historical and artistic cultural form (see, e.g., Nizkor, p. 37). This destruction coincided with the disappearance of important cultural ideas. Instead of creating new cultural elements or producing new ideas, all the “old” concepts and practices were replaced in many areas by a new order or practice, either as ideas (traditionalism, “nationalism”) or concepts (ideological, “centre,” “neoliberalism”). Instead of creating new cultural forms or producing new artistic forms, the culture of control was used, in part, to maintain its control (for example, through censorship of films that challenged its own control). In addition, the destruction of old classical concepts and artistic practices meant that only the central political concepts were taught in schools, and that the classical values and practices that had formed the basis of the culture of culture that had always existed in the cultural heritage of the ancient Chinese or ancient Greeks had been abandoned.

    In many cases, as in the case of classical literature, as an example of the collapse of cultural values and practices, we can look to the destruction of cultural symbols used by the Greek and Roman literary traditions. The destruction of the classical cultural traditions that had evolved under the tutelage of the ancient Greeks also led to the complete disappearance of Greek mythology, classical art and Greek mythology. In many parts of the world, even in relatively wealthy countries like China (especially in the southern provinces), many ancient, literary and cultural customs are being systematically destroyed today by the policies of the Communist Party. Thus, we can expect that if we have to look elsewhere for examples of the collapse of traditional values and practices, we can also look elsewhere.

    The collapse of traditional values and practices is often attributed to China’s Cultural Revolution (1976-79), a period of ideological suppression (e.g., through compulsory training of schoolchildren) that began in 1976. The Party was willing to wipe out its former values as long as this process helped China achieve economic and social reforms (see Nizkor, p. 43), and this continue

    Nsw country hour 29 november 2013 7:20 – 25:30

    Rugby Sevens World Cup Finals Venue: Suncorp Stadium – Sydney (New South Wales) Venue: Suncorp Stadium – Sydney (New South Wales) 11th November 2013

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    12/2/17 VAN BEVERJELE

    1. On 11/01/16, the National Assembly passed a resolution calling for an assembly for a commission of a European commissioner to propose the implementation of the European Commission’s Commission Decision 2015/59/EU on Access to Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms for Citizens and their Representatives and their Access to Media.

    The Assembly of the European Community will be present on its participation in that Commission-designated meeting on 11/02/16, at which a final decision regarding the future status of the citizen of the European Union, as well as its access to a wide range of freedoms, will be determined.

    2. In addition, the Assembly of the European Community is concerned with the fact that it will not be able to participate at all on the commission’s implementation of the Council’s Decision 2015/62/EU on Access to Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms for citizens and their representatives, until the Council, which has its legislative functions and functions as set out in the Act setting up the Commission, is able to adopt a legal opinion on this matter and, if necessary, propose a recommendation to the European Parliament. The Assembly will be present on the commission’s participation in its implementation of that matter from November 18th, 2016 to June 21st, 2017.

    In accordance with the Constitution, the Assembly will be able to pass a resolution about its reasons for and reasons why it thinks that the Council should adopt a legal opinion on the matter.

    The Assembly is satisfied with the provisions of the Treaties concerning public consultations on the Commission’s proposals.

    3. On 22/02/16, the European Parliament adopted a resolution calling on the European Council and the Commission “in light of its responsibilities under Article 2(1)(b) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, to convene a commission to draft a European directive for citizens’ right to have full information on the freedom of the Internet and to the freedom of expression and association without discrimination”.

    4. The Council has no authority to propose an agreement between the Council or the Commission, but they shall, if the member States object, have the right to adopt one.

    5. The measures referred to in points 4 and 5 are already implemented in the Commission. It may, however, be asked to take into consideration further measures that apply to citizens of other Member States to the extent of their participation in the Singl

    Argentine president diagnosed with cancer

    The U.S. ambassador to the Dominican Republic was diagnosed Monday with stage four melanoma in his skin, which is a different type of cancer from stage three melanoma, that he had been battling for two years.

    It is one more step on the road to cure and will take months before he could return to work.

    The ambassador, Manuel Vázquez, had been attending international meetings on the disease in Miami when he developed melanoma, according to The Associated Press.

    Malignant melanoma is characterized by the growth of new blood vessels in the skin and organs. The cancer spreads rapidly in the skin, causing the skin to bulge and appear dark.

    A spokesman for the embassy in Caracas, Carlos Garcia-Ortiz, said that Vázquez has had an eight-month follow-up with the cancer in Colombia and will be released from intensive care Monday.

    The spokesman said in a statement that the ambassador will be “well supported by medical teams with expertise on melanoma and the treatment of other types of skin cancer.”

    The president of Cuba, Raul Castro, recently announced that his wife was on her deathbed after cancer-causing melanoma. The Castro family announced the news on Twitter Saturday.

    On Friday, the National Cancer Institute reported that Vázquez is not in danger of dying, but the cancer must be treated within six months to avoid permanent cancerous growth.

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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    For people who have children or live with children (parents or foster homes) the main thing they do is give gifts of fruits and vegetables and money to other people in need.

    If you can, it’s a good idea to give as many of your gifts to your children as possible (maybe for every two or three days they come out of your home to give gifts) to avoid wasting time with them, so that they can make a more meaningful gift each time.

    Don’t forget that they are important to your kids (and maybe to your own kids). I personally, give them to everyone at Christmas and birthday parties, and even sometimes on dates.

    Here are some of my favorite ways to give out gifts to your children, without spending a fortune!

    I’m so grateful to everyone who sent me a gift of flowers this year, or for someone who wants to send me a book of poems! I would also like to thank the people at A Better Way: How The New “Do It Yourself” Community Is Creating a Safer and More Sustainable Christmas for the next one to two years, or even your whole family!

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    Huegill tells CNET, for example, that it doesn’t currently expect Xbox One S to compete directly with Nvidia’s Maxwell GPUs. The Xbox One S does not offer better gaming performance than AMD’s Maxwell cards. It has room for improvement, but Microsoft also hopes that its new Xbox One model can draw more gamers to the Xbox One ecosystem to compete with rival graphics cards.

    In the final days of June, Microsoft unveiled its Xbox Scorpio lineup at its E3 developer conference, which included the new and already announced Xbox One S, and a new Xbox One X.

    The Scorpio family lineup is expected to launch in December. You can find all of the latest details on Microsoft’s unveiling in its full report below.

    Microsoft’s full interview with Geek and Sundry editor-in-chief Matt Mullenweg can be found below:

    Geoff Huegill: At Microsoft’s E3 briefing, the company confirmed that Windows 10 Mobile will go from 32-bit to 64-bit in future editions. Is Windows 10 Mobile going to stay a 32-bit or a 64-bit OS? And can we expect to see other updates and new features? Matt Mullenweg: Windows 10 Mobile will be a 32-bit operating system. That means that it will be the smallest version of Windows that you can build with your phone. At the heart of that is the Microsoft runtime. At the heart of it is Windows Runtime. When you see that, Windows 10 Mobile is an update to Windows 10 on ARM, so it is a more efficient device and also a much faster operating system. So, we’re doing that all at the same time to make sure that it’s really fast, because if I’m going to get an ARM processor or an ARM GPU with Windows 10, I need that to run really fast. At the end of the day, if you’re on Windows 10 today, that is actually going to mean you’re also going to use Windows 10 Mobile for Windows RT, so you’re really in the same ecosystem. That’s what the hardware ecosystem is about right now, so Microsoft has to make sure that it does that as well. And on the mobile side, you’re going to see a lot of improvements. People love Windows Phone 8, but it’s really important for us that we give it the benefits of the Windows Phone platform, including the abilit

  51. Bruny island introduces strict new cat laws that ban dogs and cats from owning cars

    As of October 1st, cats will have to abide by a series of new regulations on their behaviour, from being allowed to walk on certain streets where dogs and cabs will not be allowed, to allowing their own litter and providing food. Cat owners can’t take their cats out into the city until further notice.

    These rules apply to everyone on Bruny island. Dogs and cabs will not be allowed in the street and cats may have to remain indoors and under a kennel.

    The island’s cat legislation has been in place since 2013 and there is no formal set policy on the law.

    On average there are around 40 cats on Bruny island, many are on the island by their mothers’ side and young cats can be found in the town and beyond.

    ‘No-one likes cats’

    On a recent Sunday evening a few of the islanders were playing football and watching a rugby match, with two teenage boys trying to keep their small pets on track.

    Karin Holmer says she’s never known of a city that has so many cats.

    “We live on a peninsula, and so I’ve never met any cat people,” she says. “There are cats all around me, and I think it would be quite nice to have more cats to play with.”

    Cats were introduced to the island almost two years ago and are currently allowed in public buildings (i.e. shops, canteens etc).

    Karin Holmer says that in the olden times people had to worry about all those stray cats and that would have been fine because they just needed to get rid of them.

    However, it’s become a big deal and people are becoming more and more concerned, Holmer says.

    “I never saw this before, a police report, no cats, no cats at all. And now these things have started happening, just like everywhere.

    “I want the cats to go back but I do not want the cats to have to live here forever.”

    Karin Holmer was born on Bruny island and is now living on the island for a few years, but says cats would make it too difficult to settle in town.

    “Kinda like living in London. They could be around my children, they could be around my children who go to school here and they could be around my grandchildren. We would have to move. That would be too hard.”

    There is no strict time limit to having cats on the island, so it would be up to residents to decide how long they want to allow them to keep around their property.

    Missing girl ‘had been abducted by masked gunman and then raped and brutally murdered’

    ‘We just don’t know what to believe. We just don’t know what to do… we just don’t know how to do things. We haven’t been able to get answers to her parents,’ said one family member.

    The investigation, which spanned three years, has been hampered by the fact that investigators had little luck in finding the girl.

    For months, detectives worked with dozens of people who had seen the body, but were unable to determine whether or not she was the victim of a crime.

    They also spent months trying to contact someone who may have witnessed the murder and who may have a motive to bring it to light. But their inquiries were turned away and the case kept bogged down by conflicting reports.

    Police Chief John Molineux has ordered a fresh round of forensics tests, but says he’s not entirely sure yet who killed the missing girl.

    Citing family sources, WBEZ reported Monday afternoon that the man accused of the crime had given up his name and address in order to remain anonymous and avoid charges against anyone else.

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    12 January 2016 22:43 This is my biggest concern that was brought up by my wife’s friends and neighbors, who also share the same political affiliations. It seemed to me that the reason why she would come to vote for Trump over Bernie had to do with the money he gave to some of the same people who were behind the Clinton campaign. His campaign contributions do not include that of those involved with the Soros funded groups. So I felt there was something more to that, especially since I don’t think she will support the Democrats any more after the election. (link)

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    15 January 2016 18:36 My husband is a Republican and we were visiting some friends who support Trump after the primary. It’s hard to tell, since he does not work in business, but we were also seeing some of the candidates he had been listening to on the radio and TV. My husband asked my friend to give him a heads up and let him know if it’s worth taking a stand, but he said he doesn’t like being associated with any one party. We were there for about 2 hours and decided to vote the Trump as the president for them anyway. We voted for Trump to preserve our right to speak out against the evil we see around us. I’m quite sure many of my friends are voting for Trump since he is a free trade-oriented candidate and I also believe he will be able to improve our economy while he is in office. (link)

    18 January 2016 14:38 Hi all, I’d like to give a very short comment on my recent visit to DC where I was going to help in local canvassing and find friends to canvass for Bernie Sanders. My wife was visiting with her family when I was leaving and we spent an hour helping people who were interested in running for Congress on the right, or for the Democrat. The only thing we couldn’t quite figure out as of yet is how Bernie has done so much in politics and has raised well ove

    Court shown video of officer using capsicum spray against man

    The suspect refused orders to drop the knife after police repeatedly tried to arrest him.

    The video shot by a bystander showed him lying down on the ground handcuffed with his hands up, staring intently at the camera and screaming: “Just let me go! Just let me go!”

    The video was captured and posted online by an internet user who was in the crowd at the time of the incident. It has since gone viral.

    The man’s brother said he had previously expressed frustration at seeing the police “trying to beat the hell out of him”.

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