Monthly Archives: March 2019

Brussel sprouts on the Stalk

Brussel sprouts on the Stalk I’m not in love with Brussel Sprout want but last time when I was shopping in Publix, this beautiful little buds on stalk grabbed my eyes which I’ve never seen them in Canada. Now I share with you how You can cook it in deferent way. Brussel Sprouts usually come in stores as individuals buds, or on stalk, but it also has some big leaves on the top of each stem that looks like collard. […]

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Split Pea Cutlet ( Shami Rashti )

Split Pea Cutlet ( Shami Rashti ) In Persian cuisine any fried pan mix of meat and other stuff like beans with egg is called cutlet or shami. Split pea cutlet is from Northern part of Iran which is very popular during the month of Ramadan in almost most Iftar table. Cutlet is usually mix of row ingredients but this shami is a combination of cooked meat and peas and then mix with egg and pan fried. You should plan […]

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