Beef Koobideh or Kebab

Beef Koobideh or Kebab

Koobideh Kebab is a juicy and flavorful minced Persian kebab and very popular in all Persian restaurants. Koobideh kebab is all type of kebab made from minced meat, can be beef, mixed of beef and lamb or even chicken. All Mediterranean cuisine has this type of Kebab and they call it kebob or kefteh kebob but the ingredients are not the same as Persian. The deference is onion and garlic. In Persian cuisine we just add onion to our mix or even for marinading other type of kebab but the other cuisine add garlic as well.

We serve this kebab with steamed Saffron flavored rice ( Chelo ), a cube of butter, Sumac, and grilled tomato.

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Cook time: 15 minutes

Total time: 45 hours

Course: Entree, Grill

Servings: 4 people


3/4 lb lamb shoulder ( boneless )

1/5 lb ground beef 9( 30%-70% lean )

1 big onion

2-3 tsp

1 tsp black pepper

1 tsp sumac ( optional, if you don’t have you can use paprika )

8 metal skewer 1 ½ inch width

How to Make

Stage One ( Mix ):

  1. 75 percent lean meat is usually used for best result. Some recipes use a combination of lamb and beef which is my preference. In this cace as you see in my ingredients, get 1/3rd of the meet lamb shoulder and 2/3rd of it 70 t0 75 % ground beef. If you have meat grinder at home use the small hole cutting plate and grind in twice for the best result. This step helps the meats stays on the skewers, otherwise it might fall off, and also gives better texture. If you don’t have the machine at home ask the butcher to do the same. ( the lamb shoulder usually comes with bone. Don’t waste it, keep it for making stock for soup. )
  2. Use food processor or shredder for onion. Th tricky part is here, squeeze it with your hand or in a napkin as we just need the squeezed part.
  3. Add onion to the meat, add salt, pepper and sumac and knead it for several minutes until the mixture gets very sticky. This stage is another tricky part.

Stage two ( Grilling ):

  1. put a bowl of water for making your hand wet while you are making kebab on skewer.
  2. Divide the meat to 8 equal balls
  3. get one of them in the palm of your hand and place it on the top of the skewer and squeeze it all around it. It should be a foot long. Squeeze it more every inch until almost touching the metal and this helps falling apart. Place them in a tray and put in the fridge if you have enough room there ( better to be in a cold temperature before grilling ). Some people wrap a string all around it to avoid falling but if you knead it well and you trough away the onion juice and also putting it in the fridge before grilling then you don’t need to be worried.
  4. Best result is to grill them on charcoal BBQ but it is not have to. Don’t put the on the grill plate as you see in the images. Leave some space between the skewers and the trick here is to turning them fast. like you start from left, turning them all the way to the end and you start over and over until all of them cooked.
  5. You can grill any vegetable you like as a side.
  6. in a serving dish put a piece of lavash bread and put the skewers on that.
  7. And here is a most joyful part, take a piece of lavash bread or any flat bread bigger than the palm of your hand. Start at the end of skewer, grab the kebab and SLIDE IT OFF on the serving plate which is covered by bread. The juice of kebab goes to the bread and makes it supper yummy.


  1. About the meat, I should say deferent recipes use deferent mix. Some use just lamb which the kebab will be fatty and soft. Some use just beef and the kebab will be a bit harder and chewy. Some who have red meat diet make it with chicken ( mixed of breast and thigh ). I personally like the mix of lamb and beef.
  2. Adding Sumac gives a little bit sour taste which is recommended.
  3. As this kebab has high amount of fat so the chance of falling apart on the grill is high. This success take time to achieve. Resting the ready skewers in the fridge, the press line each inch and also turning them fast help this a lot.
  4. Serve it with a plate of steamed Persian rice, A small cube of butter as a topping, a pinch of sumac and black pepper, two small grilled tomato and raw sweet onion as a side. Enjoy!

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