Healthy Chicken Breast Recipe-01

Healthy Chicken Breast Recipe-01

With low carb diet that I found the best for myself out of all others which I’ve tried, the food should be low amount of carbohydrate, salt and sugar and it’s based on high protein food and green vegetables. You can make your food tasty with seasonings, a little bit acidic ingredients and spices. I this chicken recipe I show you a mixture to marinade the breast. Don’t over cook them and let them be juicy. I always use 50% salt which is low sodium salt.


 Course: …………………………………………….Main Course/Diet

 Cuisine: ……………………………………………International

Preparation Time: …………………………..5 minutes

 Cook Time: ………………………………………10 minutes

 Total Time: ………………………………………15 minutes

 Servings: ……………………………………….…2 people



Chicken breast  ……………………………………1 whole

Apple cider vinegar ………………………………1 tbsp

Olive oil ……  …………………………….…………2 tbsp

Marinade mix…..paprika, chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder, sumac (optional), Golpar/Heracleum persicum (optional), lemon pepper seasoning

How to make

  • mix all the seasoning and spices in a small bowl.
  • add olive oil and apple cider vinegar to that and mix.
  • marinade the chicken breast with that mix.



  • pan fry them on the cooktop.

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