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Healthy Chicken Breast Recipe-01

Healthy Chicken Breast Recipe-01 With low carb diet that I found the best for myself out of all others which I’ve tried, the food should be low amount of carbohydrate, salt and sugar and it’s based on high protein food and green vegetables. You can make your food tasty with seasonings, a little bit acidic ingredients and spices. I this chicken recipe I show you a mixture to marinade the breast. Don’t over cook them and let them be juicy. […]

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Peanut and Herbs BBQ Chicken

Healthy Chicken Breast Recipe-02 Chicken is wonderful source of protein and it is one of my favorite. What you need is to make it tasty with marinading. In the diet that I follow we can use limited amount of oil, acid, and buts. This chicken is marinaded with a sauce made of peanut butter, fresh herbs, lime and spices. You can make the peanut butter at home from unsalted peanut or find the ready one in the store without salt […]

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