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Trip to Toronto

It’s always good to visit your home, your friends and family . This city used to be my home for more than 13 years. I gave birth to my second son, Daniel here in Toronto. It’s a beautiful city, but cold. Mid November and the temperature is 7 f!! yes, it is and at the same time the city I live now, Orlando is 75. During our trip I visited my sister in law after 5 years and my sister […]

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Herb Rice ( Sabzi polo )

The fist day of spring all around a world is just a day in the middle of December, but for me is the smell of flower, rain, start of our best holiday, celebrating our new year, nowrooz, new clothes, family visiting and parties, best pastries, mixed nuts, best food, fresh herbs. Fresh herbs and our traditional meal, sabzi polo va mahi ( Herb rice with fish ). A sign of nature and celebration of the earth new start, a green […]

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Salmon and Wild Rice

My family and I are fan of seafood. Me obviously, because I’m from Northern part of Iran and Caspian Sea. When I say seafood is not the same as worldwide. It’s more fish, smoked fish, fish eggs. My mom use to make smoked salted fish as ac side dish for most of our food. Salmon is not really popular in Iran but now it’s our favorite one and this recipe is the best I found even for someone who doesn’t […]

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