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Persian Rice ( Chelo )

Persian Rice ( Chelo ) To make rice the Persian way, it’s required that you pick the right rice which is long-grain rice, such as basmati. My way to find the best rice is the color of the grains. The best fluffy rice you can reach with the grains that are cream color not true white. There are two styles of cooking rice, Chelo and Kateh. Chelo is the traditional two-step preparation — parboiled the rice and drain, add the […]

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Zucchini Dip ( Mirza Qasemi-Kadoo )

  Mirza Qasemi is a taster Persian appetizer from Northern part of Iran and Caspian Sea region. This is widely known as Persian Dip in western countries. It’s made from Aubergine or Zucchini and a perfect recipe for vegans. My mom use to serve it with rice and olives as side for lunch or dinner not as appetizer but as main course. You can serve with lavash or tortilla bread. Preparation time: 10 minutes Cook time: 20 hours Total time: […]

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Eggplant & Beef Stew ( Khoresh Bademjan )

Eggplant lovers like my husband, welcome to this recipe. One of the sweetest eggplant grows in North of Iran so there are many recipes with eggplant. In north of Iran cuisine fried eggplant is a pleasure add up to most of the stews. The first year of our marriage my husband was teasing my mom like “ what’s for dinner tonight mom? and she said ” umm, Eggplant …with ?”… :). This Persian stew made with Beef or Lamb and […]

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